Year 12 Chemistry SL

RL IB YEAR 12 CHEM SL program has three phases. These phases have been consistently used and proven to be effective over the years ensuring our students are equipped with what they need for the final exam. The first phase is a 38-40 weeks stage that entails our mentors equipping students with all the basic concepts and analytical skills required for tests, SACs and exams. Phase 2 consists of students revisiting all the topics covered with strenuous exam-styled questions which create and develop by the RL science team. Approaching the final exam period, students will undergo phase 3 whereby they will develop exam skills such as time management and exam techniques including those for extended response questions. Additionally, each week’s lesson will be supported by RL weekly homework assessment to ensure students revise concepts learnt and develop a deep understanding of the contents.

Who Should Enrol?

Students seeking to:

  • Improve their knowledge and understanding on core topic in Year 12 Chem SL
  • Vastly improve their exam results
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of strategies and skills necessary to excel in both SACs and the final exam

Topics Covered:

The class covers all topics under the current RL IB Year 12 Chem SL course, including: 

  • Term 1:
    • Atomic structure
    • Bonding
    • Stoichiometry
  •  Term 2:
    • Acids & Bases
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Spectroscopy
  • Term 3:
    • Kinetics
    • Energetics
    • Equilibrium
  • Term 4
    • Redox
    • Periodicity

Other than learning the necessary knowledge for each topic, the students also cover: 

  • Problem solving skills 
  • A range of strategies to solve tricky exam questions
  • Exam preparation skills and tips

100% satisfaction policy means any student can have a trial class for any group class provided by RL Education. If the student isn’t satisfied with the trial class, then no payment will be requested; If the student is satisfied with the trial class and wants to continue, then the student needs to pay for the trial class and register for one term/half year/full year program. Please note the 100% satisfaction policy is for GROUP CLASS only.

The Pre-VCE/HSC/IB is provide for students who are in year 9-10.During this course, students will gain a solid base in Mathematics, English and Science to build on and implement in their Year 11-Year 12 learning.

All courses are available online and onsite simultaneously. Provided to students who live too far away to come to the campus, they can choose online courses.


Students will be allowed to join class only after payment is finalised. RL Education has the right to terminate the students’ coaching service if there is an overdued tuition fee in the student account.
Grade Levels
Year 12
Course Subjects
IB Chemistry SL

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Gordon J
Scotch College
The University of Melbourne

ATAR 99.95

Jeanette Y
Methodist Ladies College
Chemistry HL 7

IB 44

Andrew Z
Camberwell Grammar School
The University of Melbourne

ATAR 99.95

Kelvin C
Melbourne Grammar School
Monash University

ATAR 99.95

Amy X
Methodist Ladies College
Mathematics AASL 7

IB 44

Cindy T
Methodist Ladies’ College
Chemistry SL 7

IB 44

Ian C
Camberwell Grammar School
The University of Melbourne

ATAR 99.95

Larry P
Trinity Grammar School

ATAR 99.95

Liam Q
Wesley College

IB 45

Harry Z
Wesley College

IB 44

Angus C
Melbourne Grammar School

ATAR 99.90

Simon O
Melbourne High School

ATAR 99.90

Kai C
Suzanne Cory High School

ATAR 99.90

Vivian J
Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak

ATAR 99.90

Hanna Z
Presbyterian Ladies College

IB 43

Claire H
Presbyterian Ladies College

IB 43